Commercial roofing services: reasons to hire a pro for the job

Protecting property is the primary function of commercial and residential roofing systems. Nevertheless, they are different when it comes to the materials used for building and installing them. Commercial roofing services install roofs mainly formed of single-ply concrete, built-up roofing systems, modified bitumen, gravel, tar, and more. It depends on the weather condition as the residential roofs are mainly made out of concrete tiles and asphalt shingles.

You will have to do proper research in selecting a reliable contractor offering extensive commercial roofing services to offer you assured results since more options are available for commercial roof systems than residential roofing.

3 Important Aspects of Commercial Roofing

1. Commercial Roof Installation

It depends on the pricing, labor hours, material, and level of difficulty in terms of installing commercial roofing systems, as it can vary immensely. It can help you hire a trustworthy commercial roofing contractor who can get the work done within time and budget according to your convenience.

2. Roof Inspection

Examination of the areas that cause issues such as the roof membranes, decking, flashing, gutters, drainage pipes, and downspouts are done for the commercial roofing system. Getting this done can help prevent potential roof damages, identify issues earlier on, and avoid expensive repairs in the future.

3. Maintenance of Commercial Roofs

Proper maintenance is essential to extend the commercial roof's life along with the inspection. It would include cleaning debris, treatment for any leaks, and water damages, repairing the flashing and HVAC systems on the roof that would be preparing your roof for all seasons, and making sure that the materials are under the best conditions.

Cost of Commercial Roofing Services 

The roofing services cost would include the installation, inspection and maintenance, and several other aspects. The following are included:

  • The accessibility, type of roof, slope, labor, time, supplies, and other resources determine the services.
  • There are essential permits required in installing and repairing the commercial roof.
  • The scope of the services and the entire area of the roof would significantly impact the whole cost of the commercial roofing services.
  • More features like chimneys, skylights, and more would also be adding to the cost of your commercial roofs.

Hiring the Pros

If you own a commercial property, then sooner or later, you will be facing a roof leak. You may get tempted to contact the first roof repair contractor who lands up on your Google search if you have any contact with a known contractor.

But, using a commercial roofing expert to have a dedicated service department is a lot better than using a repair contractor when it comes to the actual value. And here is the reason why:

1. They understand and are accountable for all things roofing

There is always a proven solution to resolve this roofing issue. Established roofing contractors have repair departments and installation departments using proven, refined methodologies for resolving roofing issues. The departments would be sharing knowledge, so the complete body of knowledge is always more significant than the roofers who are only into repairs.

For dispatching, repairing, tracking, and maintaining accurate records, they will have the systems in place while discussing the projects in meetings. People will often expect a high level of service, quality of artistry, and accountability whenever they hire a full-service commercial roofer.

It is vital to remember that commercial roofing experts and commercial roof installers are both different. The experts would be handling everything related to the commercial roofs, from the repairs to maintenance and even re-roofing to their new constructions. There are installers, on the other hand, installing the roofs. They may even have to send the installers to handle all kinds of roof repairs even though the installers are not trained to fix the leaks to get the project.

2. They know which repair techniques work best for the long term

The roofers for installation should follow a specific procedure and jump through several hoops related to the artistry and materials, allowing the new roofing systems to perform at their best and pass the inspections to earn warranty coverage. It is more likely that there would be an inspection unless a repair project includes warranties.

The contractors who deal with only the repairs are not quite accustomed to having met the third-party standards or even thinking at every detail level. 

3. They know their roof type 

There are experienced roofing contractors who have been in business for a few decades now and most likely are dealing with the type of roofing issues on all kinds of roofing systems with the diversity of their work experience that would be paying off. Superintendents and crews are experienced enough with the low-slope, metal, steep-slope single-ply, and more, and they have also handled various roofing materials.

4. They have the right technicians on hand to solve roofing issues

A leak in a roof will never leave an expert roofer perplexed. The commercial roofing experts will be sending over their best technician for the job if required to escalate some tricky issues on greater levels with on-staff professionals capable of undertaking a better challenge. 

A superintendent has the responsibility of diagnosing several of the roof leaks and will be figuring out even if your roof leaks. The professionals have extensive training and certifications and excellent knowledge for doing dependable work to get right the first time.

5. They understand how different roofing systems work together

Several commercial roofing systems are made up of more than one type of roof. You may have one of these and not know this. Some old properties and properties are expanded enough, having two to more kinds of roofs joined together. It can specifically be a challenging affair to figure out the location of the leaks or what kind of repairs would be the best in these situations. 

The roof repair contractors will be checking out the wholeness of the roof, taking into account every detail of each of the roofing systems and the way they work together. The other point that they would be thinking about is the unintended consequences of the leak repair created on the design for the performance of the adjacent systems. It is best to know about the expectations down the road before committing to the repair approaches.

6. They will make the valuable recommendations

Over time, the provider will be developing an ever-increasing understanding of your roofing system and the property that it protects when you keep using a similar roofing expert. It means that they offer recommendations that get valuable over time due to their insightfulness.

A few providers even offer added value written documentation for long-term roof management strategies that are important for your budget.

7. Experts in commercial roofing handle repairs faster

The provider has experience with the unique roofing system as they can find and fix the next leak faster once you have developed a relationship with a full-service provider. There will never be another leak, as the provider will use the photos and reports from previous work for managing future repairs. They also offer recommendations and complete preemptive maintenance.

8. Commercial roof experts look to earn your long-term trust

Commercial roof repair contractors offer re-roofing services to build a long-term relationship with you. They wish to prove themselves by getting your leaks fixed so you can select them for the completion of the larger projects. The roofing repair contractors will often look at the repairs as one-offs sending different technicians over for inspection whenever you face a roof leak.

Commercial roofing services are considered an investment for maintaining your asset. You need to select a contractor backed with years of roofing experience and dozens of on-staff technicians.

At Klein Roofing, we have certified, and qualified roofers offering comprehensive services to meet the varied needs of our customers. We have the right kind of expertise, resources, and experience for helping with the installation needs and maintaining all types of commercial roofing systems. We can help you out whenever you need a commercial roof inspection, repair, maintenance, replacement, or other services.