Top warning signs to call for commercial roofing services help

You may not know where to start when it is time for your commercial roof replacement. Your business is often considered the most valuable asset here. It is the reason behind the importance of it safeguarding it. Your building has to be in great shape in order to safeguard your business. The initial place where you can start is the roof. You can easily take help from commercial roofing services here.

It can cause some distinctive damage to your building when your commercial roof fails. Instead of including the damaged equipment involving the machinery and computers, water damage is nothing that should be taken lightly as it can be quite costly in terms of remediating. A small leak can easily cost about an excess of $11,000 dollars in damages pretty quickly, as a matter of fact.

How to Keep Your Roof in the Best Shape

The main aspect of protecting your business is through the regular inspections and maintenance of your commercial roofing system.

You should have a qualified roofing contractor who can inspect your roof for the common damage that might occur throughout this course of a year which means about once a year. 

It is a great item to place on your annual maintenance plan in terms of the facilities of your management team. It can even push back the times for the replacement of the commercial roofing to take place here.

The other times when you should be completing an inspection are after some serious storms or if the contractors have been onto your roof completing their work over the things like the generators as well as the HVAC systems that are there.

What Are the Signs I Should Replace My Roof

There are many signs on the roof indicating that it is coming to the end of its life. Here are a few of the common signs that are unavoidable, while we do not always wish to admit that we need to spend money on the replacement of our commercial roof.


The roofs such as Built-Up roofing, TPO, PVC, and EPDM are membrane-style roofs, and they are all prone to bubbling and are also known as roof blistering.

A bubble that forms under the membrane is known as a roof blister. It is mainly caused by the moisture or air that gets trapped within the membrane. There are two main reasons why it happens, such as poor installation and ventilation. It is vital to note that the climate with the extremities involves temperature fluctuations and becomes prone to this kind of issue here.

When they are left unrepaired, they can cause some significant damage to the roof, while there are smaller blisters that may not cause an issue if they are taken care of in the right manner. You need to have it repaired sooner if you notice blisters or even bubbles that are forming that can be repaired and inspected by the roofing contractor. In terms of avoiding the replacement project, you can catch the issue sooner. There are roofers who would determine that the repair will be sufficient for this kind of roofing here.

Damaged Pitch Pan or Flashing

The metal sleeves that are placed around any protrusion in your roof are the pitch pans. In keeping water out of your building in the place where it is most likely having issues, here is the first line of defense.

For diverting water away from the areas where the roof meets the vertical surface is through flashing. The general places that would find flashing are the chimneys, skylights, and dormers. They are the first line of defense to keep water out of your building, just like the pitch pans.

They may not be able to shed the water away from the protrusion when the pitch pans and flashing becomes damaged. Generally, the leaks start quite slow and might become hard in terms of getting detected in the initial place. It is the reason why conducting roof maintenance checks on a regular basis is important for the longevity of the building.

Holes Or Tears To The Roof Membrane

There are several buildings that have important equipment like generator systems as well as the HVAC on their roofs. These are the specialized equipment that needs regular maintenance jobs. There is always a possibility that the roofing membrane can become punctured or even torn during the installation and maintenance work.

Inspecting the roof before and after every major work that is done on the rooftop equipment is through good preventive behavior. You can check all the areas and flashing where the workers might be available.

Roof Rot

You need to look out for sagging, water stains, discoloration, cracks, and wet spots in the membranes while assessing your roof for rot immediately after a good rain is one of the best times that can be used for the evaluation of the signs of rot on the root and call in the professionals when you locate one.

Low spots And Puddles

The structure of the roof failing is what the low spots on your roof can be. It can lead to much bigger issues sooner than later by not addressing the low spots immediately. The ideal time for inspecting the low spots is immediately after the rains.

You need to make sure that the drains are clear if you notice any puddles or pooling. Call in the roofing company to come at inspect the structure of the roof, looking out for integrity issues.

Blow-Offs And Wind Damage

For your commercial roof, blow-offs are bad news. If the seams on this system are not sealed in the correct way as it can cause the seam to blow loose and separate while the membrane systems are not typically susceptible to blow-offs. It can be a real issue for several roofs with the winds here. It might be time for commercial roof replacement sooner than later if your building is exposed to intense weather.

It will not be a seam that fails, but the system will fail. Being connected to the flashing is what many people fail at realizing. The negative pressure pulls the roof loose from flashing with the high winds. The insurance will generally be covering this, and it is great news here.

Storm Damage

The commercial roof is not storm proof which is why it is important to get routine commercial roofing services from professionals. These often would bring in higher winds that would blow the debris onto your roof. It is just being susceptible to the weather conditions.

The ideal line of defense here for your roof would be regular maintenance as well as inspections. You should be contacting a roofing contractor to get your roof inspected professionally.

What Does This All Mean?

The less likely the chances that you need to get the entire roof replaced the better way you are maintaining your roof and the sooner you are addressing the issues. So, keep in mind replacing the entire roof and inspecting it during and after any work that is done.

Make sure that you are walking the roof with the project manager prior to the commencement of the work. It will be allowing you to point out the areas you are concerned about and allow your contractor to point out the issues.

Keep a pulse on the project during the work. Do not be afraid to ask proper questions and find out as they are removing the old roofing systems if there are any other issues that are discovered here. The roof installers can attest that it is the ideal time to replace the roof and address the issues.

You should do a final walk with the contractor after the work is complete. Look at the important areas to ensure they are sealed and will hold off the weather impacts.

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