The 6 most common types of commercial roofing systems for your home

Residential roofs and commercial roofing systems have the same function; they provide protection to your home. However, they are quite different in the materials that are used to install and build them. Commercial roofing comprises concrete, a built-up roofing system, modified bitumen, gravel, tar, and single-ply such as PVC, TPO, and EPDM. At the same time, residential roofs are made with concrete tiles and asphalt shingles.

In the market, various options are available for commercial roof systems compared to residential roofs. You need to choose a reliable contractor for your home who offers you great commercial roofing services on Christmas days, by which you can get assured results and protect the roofs of your home.

Various types of commercial roofing systems for your home:

Here are various types of commercial roofing that you can choose for your home for Christmas.

1. BUR membrane or Built-up roofing

BUR roof is also referred to as Built-up roofing. This type of roofing is made with tar and gravel, and the BUR roof includes piles and multiple layers of tar that helps to enhance the durability of the roofing system. If you want a durable and cost-effective option, the BUR roof is ideal for your home because it is a low-slope roof system.

2. Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are a popular type of commercial roof. It is available in various materials, including corrugated galvanized steel, stone-coated steel, copper, zinc, aggregates of aluminum, tin, metal tile sheets, stainless steel, silicon-coated steel, and many more. 

Moreover, metal roofing systems come with a fire-resistant facility and are durable. It also has layers that prevent your roof from rusting and damage from exposure to direct sunlight. It also gives protection from other environmental factors. Apart from this, it is an attractive option that you can use to decorate your roof at Christmas. It creates sustainable designs for the roof of your home.

3. Modified bitumen roofing

The modified bitumen roofing system is also known as mod-bit roofing. It includes bitumen and reinforced roof fabrics in layers. It is fastened on your rooftops as a two-ply system to ensure stability and maximum protection. They are easily maintained and offer you improved tensile strength compared to other commercial roofing systems. In addition, if you anticipate a lot of activities, then this type of commercial roof is the perfect choice for your home.

4. Thermoset or EPDM roof membrane

EPDM roofing is also known as the thermoset roof. It is long-lasting, easy to maintain, and versatile compared with other types. It is very easy to install in your home and construct from single-ply rubber materials. It also provides strong resistance to ultraviolet light and ozone. Besides, it also has other benefits, such as resistance to alcohol, solvents, and acids. This type of roofing system is perfect in colder months and comes with reflective properties that reduce cooling expenses.

5. PVC & TPO roof membrane

PVC and TPO roof systems are polyvinyl chloride and thermoplastic polyolefin, respectively, and they both are ideal for second-generation applications. Moreover, they are punctures, bacterial growth, highly reflective, resistant to UV rays, most chemicals, and lightweight. Similarly, TPO and PVC commercial roofs are perfect for hotels, restaurants, and other businesses that release oils from the ventilation system.

6. Green roofing system

Green commercial roofing systems have been popular in recent years, and it is the most sustainable option for your home. It has the ability to improve efficiency and manage drainage and water issues. Lastly, these are eco-friendly and inventive-pleasing commercial roofing materials.

Important aspects of commercial roofing system:-

Commercial roof installation

The commercial roofing installation methods can vary due to the pricing, difficulty level, materials, and labor hours. It aids in hiring a reliable commercial roofing contractor for your home who can complete the work within the budget, on time, and at your convenience.

Roof Inspection

Commercial roofing systems inspect the problem areas such as decking, gutters, drainage pipes, roof membranes, vents, flashing, and downspouts. With this, you can prevent your potential roof damages, inspect any issue early and avoid costly repairs in the future.

Maintenance of commercial roofs

Apart from the inspection, proper maintenance is essential to extend the life of the commercial roof of your home. It consists of treating any leaks, water damage, and HVAC systems on the roof, cleaning debris, and tears, repairing flashing, ensuring your roof materials are in good condition, and preparing your roof for every season.

Cost of the commercial roofing systems:

The total cost of the commercial roofing system depends on various factors such as inspection, maintenance, and installation:

  • Labor, supplies, and time are depending on the type, slope, and accessibility of the roof. 
  • To install and repair your commercial roof, essential permits are needed in your area.
  • The total area of the roof and the scope of the services greatly impact the overall cost of commercial roofing services.
  • Additional features like chimneys and skylights add cost to the commercial roof system.

Other important considerations for commercial roofing systems:


Maintenance and regular inspection of the roofing system is essential for its durability. You have to conduct a detailed inspection from the roofing professional at least once a year. Moreover, additional inspection is needed after any major weather events, and it can give you indications for repairs. Make sure repairs are in accordance with a licensed roofing contractor and the manufacturer’s warranty.

Repair or Replace?

How do you know that there is a need to replace the commercial roof system? Always hire a licensed roofing contractor to inspect your existing system. In addition, the roofing professional will inspect your roof for damage based on climate concerns, energy requirements, building use, and building codes. They give suggestions for replacement and repair options depending on the condition and age of your roofing system.

The bottom line

When choosing the commercial roofing system for your home, always take your time and select the better type. If you are unsure which roofing is best for your home, read above roofing types, important aspects, and other considerations. These factors serve you on the right path to come up with a perfect decision. Choose and decorate your roof this Christmas season.