Thermal imaging can assist in determining the extent of affected/damaged materials, and help to identify the source of leaks. Roof leaks are unique in that when water damage is observed inside the building, the leak source rarely occurs directly above the interior location. Blindly patching suspect areas is often performed and results in failed attempts, frustration, and wasted time and money.  

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An infrared roof inspection by Klein Roofing relies on the sun to heat the roof surface during the day.  When the sun sets in the evening, the roof surface begins to cool rapidly… much faster than the trapped water beneath the flat roof surface.  

Our experts at Klein use a technique called infrared roof inspection which can quickly identify heat patterns in the roof surface using a non-invasive, non-intrusive infrared camera.  These “thermal signatures” are then verified via moisture meters to confirm water beneath the identified locations.

The potential savings reaped from thermal roof inspection and moisture surveys provided by Klein Roofing, Painting & More can be significant!

Through proper maintenance and infrared roof inspections, our clients can extend the service life of their roof exponentially.  Entire roof replacements can turn into smaller “surgical” repairs saving clients hundreds of thousands of dollars.  

The incentive to repair and maintain roofs, rather than replace them becomes even greater during these tough economic times.  Additionally, as waste disposal costs continue to increase, our use of landfills can be significantly reduced to protect our environment for future generations!  

Infrared roof inspections and moisture surveys will help to pinpoint and focus your maintenance personnel or contractors on the precise areas needing repair.  Roof maintenance using the information and details provided by an infrared roof inspection is one of the best investments businesses and facility owners can make.