Routine roof maintenance and proper periodic inspections are key elements to extending the life of your roof. The principle behind it is to locate and resolve problems before they become big and costly. By the time a leak finds its way through your roof’s substrate down to your ceiling where it is visible, you may already have severe damage to your insulation and roof decking, not to mention also have potential mold issues. By having a roof maintenance contract with Klein, you will save money in the long run and get years more out of your roof.

Our 15 Point Inspection

  • Membrane and Flashing Deterioration
  • Blisters, bare spots, fish mouth and pitch pans
  • Splits in roofing membrane or composite flashing
  • Buckles, wrinkles or ridges
  • Temperature extremes (thermal shock)
  • Gravel stop joint breaks
  • Minor slippage of roof membrane or flashing
  • Loose caulking
  • Loose metal flashing
  • Debris, small branches, dirt or rocks
  • Visually Inspect for positive drainage
  • Examine all metal flashing and valleys for rust
  • Review maintenance records of all roof inspections and roof maintenance performed if available
  • Review manufacturer’s warranties and guarantees if available
  • Determine most effective measure in repairing and maintaining the existing roof system






Did you know that periodic inspections are typically required by roofing system manufacturers in order to keep your roof’s warranties valid?

Some examples of why you need a roof maintenance plan:

  • contractor traffic damages
  • deterioration of membrane and flashings
  • drain and gutter blockages
  • air condition leaks
  • storm damage
  • moisture infiltration
  • buckles
  • wrinkles
  • bridges
  • base attachments for mechanical equipment coming loose
  • membrane seams come loose
  • compressed or crushed insulation
  • cuts and punctures
  • membrane swells or cracks
  • ponding of water
  • debris buildup
  • loose metal flashing
  • caulking cracks
  • edge cavitation
  • and the list goes on.

Simply put, bad things can happen to a roof and often do. The key is early detection while the solution is still inexpensive and your building is unharmed. Your roof is one of your most valuable assets, protect it!